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My Darkest Choice of Lists

Vampire Vineyards
Tasty, immortal wine
The Rogues of Scotland
Kick butt bagpipe band of Houston
Randolf's chain mail fashions
sexy,outfits (my pic is here)
Gaelic Forge
Swords,knives,allthings medieval
Just cause I like em!!!

Welcome    to    another    Freaky    page    of    FUN!!

Good evening!! This page is for friends (You know who you are), vampires, X-Files fans everywhere, Rennies (Only true Rennies know what that is),and all strange but cool people. This is my first page ever on the web, so please let me know how I am doing so far. Any and all comments are greatly accepted!!

So if you will be a little patient, I will not let you down!!

Enjoy my links, as some are friends, with my darkest wishes.

By the way: Houston Rocks and if you live here and never been to the Texas Renaissance Faire GO GO GO!!!


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Stephanie Winters

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